Free Spin Rules

New players who sign up for an online casino largely look for one element – free spins. Even the likes of welcome bonuses and loyalty bonuses may not appeal to players as much since they are aware these are one-time offerings which may not impact on the winnings much. Free spins, though, are available in slot games and they act as great multipliers.

How do Free Spins Work?

Slot games would often come with a default free spins feature which can be triggered by the occurrence of certain symbols across the reels. The pay table of the game would be the best source of information to identify the key symbols that triggers the free span element. There are also games that offer the free spin as a separate bonus at the end of the game; players can then take advantage of this feature through a mini-game.

Free Spins with Re-Trigger Mode

Free spins are usually around 10 or 15 in number. There are slot games that allow the free spins to be re-triggered if the player gets the required a combination when already into the free spin feature. In theory, this could lead to an infinite number of spins with a huge amount of winnings.

Free Spins without Re-Trigger

Considering that the free spins along with the re-trigger mode is the possibility of infinite spins being made available to the user, some slot games do limit this feature. These slot games clearly state that the free spins feature cannot be extended even if the required symbols occur within the free spins mode.


In some games, it is possible to choose the number of free spins that a player wants. This allows the player to set the level of volatility. Instead of going for more free spins with less multiplier, a player may decide to opt for less free spins with greater multipliers.