Roulette Welcome Bonus

Roulette is a prediction game of numbers and colours on a large wheel. Players need to come up with predictions on a single number, colour, or even if an odd or even number would turn up. The chances of doing well in roulette are largely based on luck unlike other table games.

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Roulette Welcome Bonus

As with every other table game available on an online casino, the bonuses are available with regard to roulette are far less compared to any slot game at the same casino. However, times are changing and online casinos are starting to offer bonuses on roulette including a welcome bonus. Since the game is extremely beginner friendly, a large contingent of amateur players often make roulette as their first major table game at a casino.

There are two major forms of roulette – European and American. Both see an equal number of interest from players around the world. Online casinos have not only started providing cash as part of the welcome bonus, but free spins are increasingly finding their way into the package. The welcome bonus deposit is usually 50% of the first deposit made by the player.

Bonus Rules Roulette

Even though online casinos have started providing significant bonus offers for table games, they still remain extremely stringent when it comes to the rules and restrictions. The smaller house edge when it comes to table games is seen as the defining factor. Most of the casinos now banned players from betting on all numbers on the wheel; it has been a technique used to retain the bonus.

Some casinos also allow either one of roulette forms – European or American – to be played with a bonus. There are also numerous wagering requirements while the bonus amount will also play a small fraction of the bet. Casinos also place significantly tougher withdrawal restrictions on roulette bonus.