Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty Bonus at Online Casinos

Online casinos place as much importance, if not more, on retaining a loyal player as they do towards attracting a new player. The latter gets the likes of welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses in order to experience a new online casino. Loyal players, however, get even more bonuses so that they keep coming back. More importantly, the loyalty bonuses are quite a regular theme and it varies depending on the player’s ‘status’ at an online casino.

A common loyalty bonus which is given by almost every online casino are points, which are usually given out at the start of a game. As the player starts collecting more points, it can be converted into cash money.


Collecting Points as Part of Online Casino’s Loyalty Program

Even as a newcomer to an online casino, it is possible to start collecting points on every game played. Some popular online casinos, however, do not include every game under their loyalty rewarding scheme. It makes sense to research on the games covered by an online casino under the loyalty bonuses. If the player’s favourite game does not come under the loyalty scheme of a specific online casino, early research may help the player to look at casinos that do include the specific game under the scheme.

Cashing in on the Loyalty Bonus

Collecting points as part of the loyalty bonuses may be well and good, but these points should translate into cash on most online casinos. Some casinos offer a higher percentage of conversion from points to cash. A casino may initially seem like offering a higher return of points for the same game, but their conversion ratio is usually low. These points are collected as and when a player experiences a game, but loyal players will also find that online casinos offer numerous bonuses on a weekly and monthly scale. These would be far more attractive, but they are often available to larger players who bet big.