Live Casinos

There has been such a tremendous growth with regard to the online casinos that it is easy to forget the live casino games. Online casinos are making an effort to bring back the live casino feel through several games. Live casino primarily involves players coming up against real dealers through a video conferencing like facility. Since this is a relatively new element in the world of online casinos, it is easy to find bonuses which may be too tempting. Interestingly, most of the online casinos tend to offer a separate bonus for live casinos in addition to the welcome bonus package.

Casino Games

Slot Games in Live Casinos

One of the major limitation of an online casino offering live casinos is that slot games cannot be part of it. Slot games are now available in huge numbers on online casinos, but the phenomenon started with the real deal. The huge improvements in terms of graphics and gameplay now ensure that the slot games are equally as exciting as their live counterparts. As far as live casino games go, only a handful of games are available. The likes of roulette, blackjack, holdem, and Baccarat are some of the top live casinos.

Online casinos like Betfred recognises the popularity of live casinos and they offer welcome bonuses up to the third deposit. Obviously, the quantity of the bonus goes down substantially for the second and third deposits, but even a third deposit receiving bonuses shows the level of competition amongst online casinos.

Live Casino Availability

The requirement for a live casino has been growing tremendously in recent years, and it is amply demonstrated by the large number of software suppliers focusing on this element. NetEnt and Microgaming are the two major suppliers of live casino games. It would not be surprising to see online casinos offer multiple choices when it comes to the gaming software. Each software supplier has their own trademark elements like graphics and gameplay.