Blackjack Bonuses

Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular casino games. The table game involves comparing cards between a dealer and a player. Thus, a player is directly competing with the dealer and not with other players. Played with 52 to 416 cards, the game has many variations in terms of rules.

Black Jack Table

Blackjack Welcome Bonus

Online casinos generally do not offer much bonuses when it comes to table games. It is often regarded that these table games provide a player with far greater control on the outcome. These days, however, it is common to find online casinos offering blackjack bonuses, which could be in the form of side-wagers, progressive bets, or bonuses.

Welcome bonuses for this table game could run into hundreds of dollars, but it may not be as easily accessible as it may seem. Online casinos come up with several wagering requirements on the welcome bonuses to make it difficult for players.

It may often be required at that blackjack welcome bonuses should be wagered a certain number of times before a player becomes eligible for the withdrawal. The lower house edge when it comes to such table games is a reason for online casinos being stringent in terms of blackjack welcome bonus.

Bonus Rules Blackjack

Online casinos have their own rules when it comes to bonuses on blackjack. Popular casinos will offer a 50% welcome bonus on the game. Players will receive 50% of their first deposit in such an instance. This bonus has to be used within a certain period before it expires. However, they will be limited by wagering requirements – often 30 times the deposit amount – during this period. The bonus amount also can be only a fraction – usually around 20 to 30% – of the actual bet. Bonuses are also stacked, meaning that only one bonus can be used at a time.